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Our aim at Air Balloon Hill Primary School is for all children to be readers by the time they leave us and we work very hard towards this goal.

We want all children to be competent readers of a wide range of text types including fiction, non-fiction, electronic and paper texts.  But more importantly, we want to ignite a love of reading in our pupils so that they actively seek out books and choose to read for enjoyment.

How Reading is Taught.

Book Levels

We have a wide range of texts from a lot of different reading schemes.  When children first start to learn to read it is useful if they can encounter books that offer the correct level of difficulty so that most of the text can be read easily but there is some challenge, to move on their learning.

In order to facilitate this, our reading books are colour coded.  Each reading book has a coloured sticker on the spine to help us choose books at an appropriate level for each child.

In addition, each colour level is fine graded with a RR number (RR stands for Reading Recovery).  Some children will need more support with their reading than others, and will need to take smaller steps towards success.  The RR levels help to choose easier or more difficult books within each colour level.

The easiest level is Pink level and the hardest is Magenta (dark Red).

  • At the end of year 2, national expectations are for children to be reading books in the Gold band (RR 23/24)
  • At the end of year 4, expectations are for children to be reading brown band (RR27/28)
  • At the end of year 6, for children to be reading dark blue or magenta band books.

If you have any questions about how books are levelled, please ask your child’s class teacher or see Ms. Rooney, Miss Cole or Miss. Cox who will be pleased to explain the system further to you.

Guided and Individual Teaching

While children are at the early stages of learning to read, we believe that it is more effective to read with children individually.  Therefore all children who are reading at green level or below will be read with individually at least once a week.

This may be with the class teacher or with a Learning Support Assistant on rotation.

Once children have mastered the basics of reading, children will be grouped with other children in their class at a similar level and will take part in Guided Reading activities.  These groups will be working on higher order reading skills, comprehension and analysis of texts with an adult.

Any children in Key Stage 2 who are reading below their Age Related Expectations (ARE) will regularly read individually with their teacher or another adult in addition to Guided Reading groups.

From reception to year 2, all children receive a short phonics lesson daily during which they revise their reading and spelling of phonic sounds.

Additional Support

For children who are finding it more difficult to learn to read Air Balloon Hill Primary School offers many layers of support.

A ‘Fast Track Reading’ teacher is employed to offer individual daily lessons for children who are finding it most difficult.

We also have an army of highly trained volunteers called ‘Book Buddies’ who offer one to one support for children who just need a boost.

Many other reading, literacy and phonics intervention groups are provided by Learning Support Assistants across the school, and tutor sessions for older pupils are also provided to raise attainment in literacy.

Reading for Enjoyment

We at Air Balloon Hill Primary School recognise that learning to read is a means to an end.  It is not enough merely to learn the skill.  Children need to develop a love of reading as an escape, a way of learning about their world, to develop their own interests and to enrich their lives.

To this end we try hard to include inspirational events in school.  We celebrate world book day each year, invite story tellers into school, hold ‘Reading Men’ mornings, host a regular book shop, run an ‘Enjoying Stories’ lunchtime club and are receptive to any other ideas for promoting a lifelong love of books in our pupils.

As part of their homework, your child should read 3 x a week at home on three separate occasions and this should be recorded in their yellow reading records. If they do this every week, then they will earn a certificate and a reward.

Learning Resource Centre

The school library is called the Learning Resource Centre. It was launched in the academic year 2013/14. It is a fully electronic lending library and offers a range of activities including space for homework clubs and parent groups.

Bug Club

Your child’s teacher will give you a bookmark with a log in number for your child to access online e books on a laptop or tablet. The books have been specially chosen for your child to suit their ability and interests.


Reading guide for parents booklet ks1

Reading guide for parents booklet ks2

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Special Events
  • Data Collection Sheets
    On Monday, children will bring home envelopes containing Data Collection Sheets - these sheets contain the key information we hold about you and your child - please take some time to check that the details are correct, making any amendments necessary and returning the forms to the school office by Friday 2nd February.

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