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Assessment and Reporting

Reporting to Parents

There are three formal meetings between teachers, children and parents throughout the year and three report forms where progress can be discussed. In September there are ‘Meet The Classroom’ meetings where the teachers will explain the routine, expectations and programme for the year in their classes.

The golden rule is that if the school knows about any worries they can and will be dealt with. If the school doesn’t know and therefore can’t act, a small problem can become a big one. For this reason we adopt an ‘open door’ policy so that you can contact us and speak to us at all times. We will work hard to ensure that your children are safe and happy.


There are two purposes to assessment.

The first is constant and ongoing where the teachers assess the children to ascertain what their next steps in learning are. If a teacher understands where a child is with their learning, they can see where they need to go next. This is very much reflected in the ‘next steps marking’ that is used throughout the school.

The second is more formal in that we measure each child’s progress against the Early Learning Goals and the National Curriculum Levels. This assessment is done through a variety of methods that include discussion, marking, testing and APP (Assessing Pupils’ Progress).

At the end of the Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2 the assessments are reported to the Local Authority and the DfE. In Year 1, at the age of 6, the children’s progress in learning phonics is also checked by a national test.

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