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Newsletter – Newsletter 20 – 2018-2019


You may remember that FAB (Friends of Air Balloon) and I put out a parent/carer survey asking for opinions on our ideas to improve the school environment. We had a really good response so thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts.

The two ideas that proved the most popular were the resurfacing of the KS1 field area and the painting of some playground games on the middle playground. As we have been given a steer by the parent community, we will now begin the process of putting these ideas into action.

The KS1 field area will be a long-term project but we have started to reach out to contractors to get some ideas and rough costs. I will share these with FAB at a later date when we have a clearer idea about how much money we need to raise in order to achieve our goal. This will help give us all a clear incentive to support future FAB events.

The repainting of the middle playground hopefully should be  funded through existing FAB funding (thanks to all your generous contributions) and we will begin looking at designs next term. We will invite the children to share their ideas with us, as that will help us create a playground that they are excited to play in. My hope is that this improvement will be ready for the summer term.

Thank you again for your contribution to the survey and another big thank you to FAB who are working hard with the school to help make Air Balloon an even better school to work and play in.

I hope you all enjoy the half-term break and I look forward to seeing you all in Term 4.


Tim Browse


Spelling Bee

Congratulations to our Term 3 Spelling Bee winners and to everyone who took part in the finals after winning their class heats.

The winners are:

Year 1 – Redley in Venus

Year 2 – Alice in Endeavour

Year 3 – Ubaid in Jupiter

Year 4 – Maryum in Pegasus

Year 5 – Muhammad in Capella

Year 6 – Chiara in Meteor


1st Week of Term 4

School Starts Back on Monday 25th February


~ Earth Class Parents’ Evening.


~ Earth Class Parents’ Evening.


~ Venus Class – Pavement Professors – 9:15am – 12:00pm.


~ Year 3 WOW Event—Dress up as an Egyptian.

~ Venus Class – Pavement Professors – 9:15am – 12:00pm.


Best Class Attendance of the week

This weeks winners are:

Dining Hall: Apollo 99.60%

Year 2/3 Hall: Discovery 99.26%

PE Hall:  Polaris 97.12%   

 Attendance for the week = 95.07% that’s 1.93% below our target of 97%.

Well done to Apollo Class, who currently have the best attendance in the school with 97.9%.

Discovery, Polaris and Voyager also have above 97% attendance for the year so far, that’s only 4 out of 28 classes who are attending above our school target which is  disappointing.


Advance Notice

Our contract with Teachers2Parents, our previous communication system expires at the end of March. From 22nd March, you will no longer receive text messages (except for first aid notifications or emergencies) all school communications will go via ParentMail.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the app or not registered. We would recommend doing so as soon as possible


Team Points

 1st –   Rowling  (50)   2nd –  Brunel and Dixie   (35)                3rd –   Banksy (22) 

Term 3 results are:

1st –    Dixie (336)               2nd – Rowling (297)

3rd –      Brunel (259)          4th – Banksy (222)



Have you registered for ParentMail yet?  It is the best way to pick up school messages.  You can download the App for free. For more information or for a copy of the registration details, please ask at the school office.


World Book Day

Don’t forget that World Book Day takes place on Thursday 7th March.  Once you have chosen your character for WBD please have a think about the Gem Powers your character has. Please choose which Gem Power your character uses the most and think about what Gem Power your character needs.  We also have a special menu on Thursday 7th March – see posters in school for details.


Art Frame – Middle Playground.

We would like to remind parents and carers not to allow their children to climb on the art frame in the middle playground, it is not a climbing frame.


School Uniform

We would just like to remind you all of our school uniform policy, we have noticed recently that some of the dress-code standards have slipped  and wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that our uniform is:


Black or grey trousers or shorts

White polo-shirt

Jumper or Cardigan with the school logo on it.

Ideally black or grey socks

Black shoes or trainers.



Black or grey skirt, trousers, skort, shorts or pinafore dress

White polo-shirt

Jumper or Cardigan with the school logo on it.

Black or grey tights

Ideally white, black or grey socks

Flat, black shoes or trainers (or boots in winter)

All children, without exception, are expected to wear a jumper or cardigan with the school logo on it.


School Meals

If you know your child is going to be late, for example if they have a medical appointment, please book their lunch by 10am. We can only offer salad bar after this time.


Zig Zags

 We have noticed again this week, a number of parents parking on the zig zags whilst dropping their children to school.

The zig zags have been installed at the school to provide a clear way for pedestrians to have a good view of approaching traffic and to ensure that drivers can see pedestrians wishing to cross. 

Every week this term, the Pavement Professors have been teaching the Year 1 children how to cross the road safely and if parents/carers park on the zig-zags, that really does undermine what we have been teaching the children about road safety.

The zig zags at the school have a legal Traffic Regulation Order applied to it and this means that no one can park on them even to drop off and pick up. If you do park on them you could be liable to a fixed penalty fine of £70.00 which can be issued either by the council car recording a driver parking illegally or by the on the spot issue of a parking ticket by a Civil Enforcement Officer.


Star Wars Club

We are looking for any donations  of resources for our lunchtime Star Wars Club.  Comic’s, Annual’s, Figures, Games would be gratefully received.

Please hand any donations in to the school office or to Adam Lea (Site Manager). Thank you.


Up-to-date contact Details

Please make sure you keep us updated with any changes to your contact details.  It really is essential that we are able to contact you if we need to – this is especially important if your child is on our walk-to-school alone list.


Data Collection Sheets

During the first week back, children will bring home envelopes containing Data Collection Sheets – these sheets contain the key information we hold about you and your child – please take some time to check that the details are correct, making any amendments necessary before returning the forms to the school office by Friday 8th March.



Last week was our termly Safety Week and we focused on staying safe online and ‘permissions’.  During the week, we shared a number of posters on our Facebook page about some of the popular apps and online games. Many parents asked if we could share them in a way that they could be downloaded,  so we’ve now added these posters to our website – and they can be downloaded as PDF’s.

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