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Newsletter – Newsletter 27 – 2017-2018


Many of you will know that we were visited by Ofsted this week. There I was, thoroughly enjoying my Tuesday, when the phone rang and I was told that four inspectors would be turning up at the school gates, for two days, on Wednesday morning. 

I have gone through a number of inspections over the years and I have to say that I thought our visiting inspectors were an extremely fair and positive team. We had plenty of opportunities to talk through with them our strengths and what we are improving, as well as, show off the school. I have to say that all staff were fantastic during the two days. Everyone united and made sure that the inspectors saw the quality of provision and care for the children that Air Balloon offers.

The children too, deserve a special mention. You could really see how proud they are of the school and they were keen to get involved and show the inspection team their very best.  I never forget how great our children are, but they really shone over the last two days. (As did the sun, as luck would have it.)

Also, the governors and I would like to thank all of you as well. Especially those of you who found time to complete the ParentView survey and/or spoke to the inspection team. The support for the school, by the parent community, came across really strongly. I really appreciate this, especially as I am still relatively new here and I would understand if you were reserving your judgement! But it’s really clear that the school is held in high regard and is supported by parents and carers. That is something I will always seek to maintain.

The outcome of the inspection cannot be shared until the report is published. This may take around three weeks and I know this is frustrating but that’s just the way Ofsted works. Only a handful of senior leaders and governors are aware of the outcome and none of us are allowed to give anything away while the report is undergoing quality control checks…so please don’t ask us!

All I will say is that we all felt the process was fair and we believe the report will reflect the strengths of the school and identify the right things we need to focus on to move onwards and upwards.

I hope you all enjoy a restful weekend…I know that I will!

Tim Browse


Next week in school


~ Sirius and Vega Classes – Trip to We The Curious


~ Pavement Professors working with Mercury Class

~ KS2 Choir Trip to St Joseph’s – 1.15-3.45pm

~ School Council Meeting – 2pm


~ Polaris and Capella Classes – Trip to We The Curious

~ Mars Class Assembly – 9am – Parents Invited


~ Aquila and Sirius Class Assemblies – 8.55am – Parents Invited


~ Ice Cream Friday


~ Stages Performance at Colston Hall – 8pm


Ice Cream Friday

The sun has finally made an appearance and Ice Cream Fridays are here.  Lollies and High Balls 60p each, Tarsettos, Strawberry Splits and Choc Ices £1 each.  Under the shelter in the front playground from 3.15pm every Friday!


Text Messages

You may remember us telling you a few weeks ago that we were having some problems with our text messaging service. You will also have noticed that recently, text messages from us have been delivered from a range of phone numbers. This has meant that you weren’t able to scroll back through to look at previous messages and may even have missed some of our texts.  The changes were made by our provider but we think we have now found a solution to the problems these changes have caused. 

Going forward you should now receive all text messages from the same number and we would recommend you store this number into your phone as “ABHPS” or “School”.   Please remember that our text messages are for information purposes only and whilst you may have the facility on your phone to reply to them, they do not go to an inbox which is monitored and so you will not receive a reply to texts which are sent to this number.  If you need to contact us, please phone us on 0117 903 0077 or email us at


FAB News

We are very excited to confirm that Ice Cream Fridays are back.  Why not pop along to the shelter in the front playground for a refreshing ice lolly or ice cream at the end of a long week.  Prices start at 60p (much cheaper than the ice cream vans) and we only sell Tarrs Ice Lollies.  If you have a favourite that you’d like to request, let us know and we’ll order it!

Year 6 should have brought home order forms for their Leavers Hoodies – everything you need to know will be in the letter, so check book bags for them!  The deadline to order is Friday 27th April.

Hot Air Balloon Hunt – Following on from the success of last year’s hunt, FAB are organising another free family trail around St George during May half-term. Each class will decorate a balloon and children will be given trail maps during the last week of term to hunt for the Hot Air Balloons in the local area during the holiday. Look out for more details in the coming weeks.



We are still looking for more sponsors for our Summer Fayre – in particular, for our Raffle and advertising as well as sponsorship on the Bar and BBQ.  If you work for a local company who can help in exchange for advertising, please let us know.  You can email us at or speak to Sally King in the school office. 

The Summer Fayre is booked for Friday 29th June – from 3.30pm (on the school field – weather permitting). This year we’re sure it’s going to be better than ever!!

If you have any ideas for fundraising or anything you think we should spend money on, why not come along to our next meeting – Friday 27th April – 9am in Space Cadets or our AGM on Monday 14th May – 7pm


Nut Free Zone

Please remember that the school is a nut-free zone.  We have children in school who could have a severe allergic reaction if they come into contact with nuts – even from the packaging of cereal or Nutella bars.

Please do not send your child to school with anything containing nuts – including cereal bars, granola bars, Nutella or peanut butter sandwiches. Thank you.


No Scootering in school

Please be reminded again that scootering and riding bikes is NOT permitted in school.  Whilst we love that children use these methods of transport to get to and from school, we must ask that they get off their bikes and scooters at the gate and do not ride them in the playgrounds (or buildings).

Bikes and Scooters can be stored in the bike sheds during the day but we would recommend using a chain and lock to secure them


Sunny weather

It’s great to see the sunshine at last.  Please remember to send your child in with a bottle of water and a sun hat.  We recommend that you apply 8 hour sun cream before school as staff are not able to put sun cream on children during the day.


Team Points

1st –     Dixie (172)         2nd – Rowling (167)

Joint 3rd –        Brunel and Banksy (156)



Please be reminded again that only medications which have been prescribed by a doctor are allowed in school.  All of these medications MUST be stored in the Welfare Room and parents will need to complete a consent form before anything can be administered.

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    On Monday, children will bring home envelopes containing Data Collection Sheets - these sheets contain the key information we hold about you and your child - please take some time to check that the details are correct, making any amendments necessary and returning the forms to the school office by Friday 2nd February.

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