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Newsletter 27 2020-2021


And so we come to the end of another term. For lots of children and staff, it will have felt like an incredibly long and challenging term. For others, it may have felt like it had just started to get going! Let’s hope that the summer terms will bring with them no significant disruptions so that everyone gets a fair and appropriate amount of time in school.

To support this, we will continue to maintain high levels of COVID compliance when we return to school after the Easter break. During the holidays, I know that so many of us will be meeting up with friends and family this holiday for the first time in a very long time. This is such good news but please remember that we all have a duty to make sure that we keep ourselves and others safe by adhering to the rules around COVID: hands, face, space and plenty of fresh air!

I hope you all have a lovely holiday and I look forward to welcoming you all back for the summer terms.

Thank you,

Tim Browse


Reporting COVID over the Easter holiday

If your child develops symptoms or if they test positive for COVID over the holiday period, please take the time to let us know by completing our school form. The form can be found on the school website and by clicking here. It is really important that all families do this so that we can take any necessary steps which may keep others safe.


Online Safety

There have been a higher than usual number of incidents involving unsafe behaviour online in recent weeks. This has mostly occurred over social media. Considering how much extra time children have been online during recent times, this may not be surprising. However, it is important children understand that everyone should continue to be safe, kind and respectful at all times even when they are online.

Over the holiday, it may be worth parents and carers taking the time to talk to their children about their online behaviour. Some questions you could ask to help you assess how safe your children are online, include:

  • Do you know all the apps that your children use on a regular basis?
  • How frequently is your child online without adult supervision?
  • How much awareness do you have regarding their online activity?
  • Has your child ever experienced unsafe, unkind or disrespectful behaviour online?
  • If ‘yes’, how did they respond? (Did they stop, take a screenshot, block and report to a trusted adult?)
  • How do they keep themselves safe online?
  • Have they ever felt unsafe, online?
  • If ‘yes’ what did they do?

At school, we spend a lot of time teaching children about how to be safe online. This work will continue next term. If any parent wants to talk to a member of staff about children’s safety online, please make an appointment with the office who will be able to direct you to the best person to speak to. To find out more about keeping children safe online, parents and carers can click here.


Road safety

We understand that getting your child to school safely and on time can be tricky if you are needing to travel to school by car. Sadly, we don’t have a parent carpark and our school is next to lots of houses whose residents rely on on-street parking.

That said, it is really important that all drivers follow the rules that help keep everyone safe on our roads. This includes not parking on the yellow zigzags outside of the school. Please make sure that you are parking responsibly so as to avoid any child or adult getting hurt on the way to school or on their way home.


Important letter to the Prime Minister

Now, you have to get up pretty early in the morning to pull the wool over my eyes. Ask any pupil at Air Balloon and they will confidently say that Mr Browse is not for fooling. So, Sam in Year 6, must have got up at the crack of dawn today as he successfully managed to play an April Fool’s joke on me which resulted in me writing to the Prime Minister.

You can see Sam’s prank for yourself: pretend BBC News footage declaring that the Prime Minister was about to ban people from having a pet until 2025. Well, not only did I fall for it hook, line and sinker, but I also wrote to the Prime Minister. A copy of my letter is published with this newsletter. My only hope is that the letter gets lost in the post! Thanks Sam! Letter to PM 1.4.21.


Assistant Head

Following Miss Rawcliffe’s departure at the end of the year, we will be making some changes to the leadership structure of the school. At present, we have one Assistant Head, Mrs Knight, who is also our inclusion leader. From September, we will have two Assistant Heads. Mrs Knight will be our Assistant Head in charge of pastoral and safeguarding and we will be seeking to recruit a new Assistant Head for inclusion.  Mrs Knight is very excited about her new focus next year and I look forward to updating you on our recruitment progress later on in the year.


Friends of Air Balloon AGM

The Friends of Air Balloon (FAB) will be holding their AGM via Zoom at 6.30pm on Thursday 8th April.  The meeting is open to everyone so it would be great to see as many people as possible attending.  At the meeting, FAB will need to elect a new Chair – so if anyone is interested or wants to find out more about the role, please email the school office and we will pass on your details (

To access the AGM, please visit:

Meeting ID: 946 5783 5948

Passcode: FAB2021


Spring/Summer Menu

This week children have brought home the new lunch menu which will start on 19th April.  You will notice that ‘Meat-Free Mondays’ don’t feature this time.  We know that the Year 4 children worked hard last year campaigning for Meat Free Mondays to be introduced, but unfortunately, they weren’t as popular as we had anticipated.  When the new Year 4 have this Inquiry Project again in September, they will have the opportunity to campaign for any future changes they want to see on the menu.


Remember to Label your Clothes

Please remember to label your child’s clothing to ensure that we can reunite lost property with their owners.


Music News

A reminder that KS1 Choir is running via Zoom on Thursdays at 3.45pm for children in years 1 & 2. Here is the link:

Passcode: qaB959

Miss Sadler and Mr Harris


Gardeners found for the School Garden!!

After a year of growing pretty much unattended, the school allotment (located next to the year 1 astroturf) has some gorgeous purple sprouting broccoli and onions hidden amongst lots and lots of weeds. 

A group of parents have now volunteered to bring the gardeners back to the school garden. (Gardening will meet all school guidelines for volunteering and Covid security.)

We will start with removing the weeds and fixing some of the raised beds that have collapsed. Followed by sowing and planting out herbs, vegetables and tending to fruit. 

To help with the refurbishment we’re keen to find some materials and we’d love to repurpose and reuse all that we can!

If you’re having a garden tidy over the Easter holiday and happen to find any of the following that you don’t need anymore, please let us know (by contacting Adam Lea : and we’ll see if we can make use of them. 

  • Scaffold boards, decking, treated timber, wooden sleepers, pallets, that pergola you found for free on Facebook during the first lockdown and never got built…. 
  • We’re interested in timber offcuts longer than 1 foot/ 30cm too! 
  • Pavers, clean bricks (without mortar) or breeze blocks. 
  • Those large random plant pots lurking at the back of the shed you’re not sure what to do with. 
  • Gravel or woodchips. 

We hope that soon, the school garden will again be a space to learn and grow! 

The School Gardeners


Troopers Hill Slide – Update

Thanks to generous donations from local people and funding from Ibstock Enovert Trust, the Friends of Troopers Hill are able to bring a slide back to Troopers Hill Field.  The old red slide had to be removed as, after over 40 years of use, it was no longer safe.  Now, thanks to the Friends’ hard work, a new slide has been ordered and will be installed ready for the summer.   You can find out more about the new slide and it’s location on the attached poster.  N27 – Friends of Troopers Hill


Library News

What to do this Easter Bank Holiday? Catch up on some Reading! Air Balloon Library Recommends:

Many years ago Grandpa was a World War II flying ace. But when he is sent to old folk’s home Twilight Towers – run by sinister Matron Swine – it’s up to Grandpa and his grandson, Jack, to plot a daring escape. Little do they know the wicked matron is onto them…

There are some great activities on David’s website and you can find out about all his books and upcoming reads.


KS2 STEM Resources

We have been approached by a final year student, Georgina Beardsmore, from the University of Bath who is looking for feedback from KS2 children on a resource pack she has created on the topic “Levers in the Human Body”.

The research involves answering some short questions, watching an animation and doing a fun activity at home or in the garden. Overall, this should take around 30 minutes and should be a fun and interactive way to learn something new. The study has been passed by the University Ethics Committee with the necessary consent and assent forms within the online survey.

If you can help, please follow this link to the online survey: 


Car Accident – Witnesses

Following a car accident on the morning of Thursday 18th March at the top of Kingsway Avenue (at the junction with Kingsway), one of our parents is appealing for any witnesses to come forward.  If you witnessed the accident between a silver car and a black car, please email us so that we can put you in touch with the parent. Thank you.


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