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Newsletter 17 2020-2021


We reviewed our blended learning approach for teaching children remotely this week and feedback from staff has been positive. Teachers certainly feel that there is stronger engagement from the children compared to the provision we put in place over the summer lockdown. Everyone agrees that it is really nice to see the children every day and that this helps us all feel connected during this time apart.

As we become more confident in using the technology, we are hopeful that our approach, and children’s enjoyment of their online lessons, will continue to improve. We are also looking at developing our wider curriculum provision which will support children’s learning in the afternoons.

Thank you to those who have provided the school with feedback – so far it has been broadly positive. We will seek to further gather the views of parents and carers a little later on in the term to see how you are finding managing and supporting your child’s learning at home.

If your child is learning from home, please make sure that they are fully engaging in line with the expectations that we shared last week. There is some additional guidance to be aware of in the newsletter as well.

I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Tim Browse


Zoom safety

Your teacher will have provided you with Zoom links that enable your child to join the lessons. Please make sure that these links are not shared with anyone else. Unfortunately, we have experienced non-class members attempting to join lessons who have gone on to be abusive towards members of staff. Please be reassured that these persons have not been able to join the lessons and their unacceptable behaviour has not been witnessed by children. However, it is not very nice for staff to have to deal with this when they are trying to teach their lessons. It also means that new links then have to be shared which could cause confusion or frustration for others. So, please make sure that your child’s Zoom links are not shared with anyone else so as to ensure our blended learning provision can continue.


On-site safety

Another reminder to any parent or carer coming onto the school site in the morning, or at the end of the day, that face coverings must be worn when on school property. This precaution not only helps keep everyone safe but also provides peace of mind for others.


Big Garden Birdwatch – 29th-31st January 2021

The RSPB Big Garden birdwatch is running from 29th – 31st January. Sign up now if you’d like them to send you a paper resource pack.


The Sirona Immunisation Team – Inactivated Flu Vaccine (Pork Gelatine free)

The Sirona Immunisation Team is now able to offer the Inactivated Flu Vaccine to children who are unable to accept porcine derived products.  If you have declined the vaccine due to the pork gelatine, please see the attached letter and call to arrange to book your child to attend a community based clinic.

This is only for children who DID NOT receive the nasal spray vaccine in November.

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