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Newsletter – Newsletter 20 – 2017-2018


My term ended with a day in Year 3. I’ll say this for the Year 3 team: they know how to keep me busy!

I started the day with a group of children learning about volume and capacity. I transformed my office into a classroom and projected a huge interactive measuring cylinder onto my wall. Together we read the scales and carefully measured how much liquid was being electronically poured into the container. Then we got out some real measuring containers of various sizes. The challenge was to see if they could choose a big enough container to hold 1l of water. Luckily for me, they used the scales accurately so my office was not flooded.

Back in class the children were writing a newspaper report about an earthquake. The children I worked with had some brilliant ideas about how they could change the original report to create a new one. Their knowledge of earthquakes was impressive as was their knowledge of how to write a really effective newspaper report.

In the afternoon I enjoyed fantastic guided reading from some children in Jupiter class. We talked at length about the text and explored it from every angle. At times, our ideas were very funny, but always thoughtful. We were all a bit disappointed when the session came to an end.

Before the Year 3 WOW event I hosted some mini spelling bees. Again, the children were so focused on their spellings and even though we ended up with two winners in each group, all the children were positive about taking part and trying their best.

We ended the afternoon with the WOW event: could they construct a model building that could withstand an earthquake? Armed with their designs and a table full of card, straws and lollipop sticks, we all got to work. It was lovely to see the children work so carefully with the support of their grown-ups who had come to school for the occasion. There were some very sturdy models by the end and the children really enjoyed applying their DT skills.

It was another great day spent in the Air Balloon classrooms and I look forward to continuing my journey next term.

In the meantime, have a wonderful half term.




First week of Term 4


~ Pavement Professors working with Venus Class

~ Pre-loved Uniform Sale – 3.30pm in the PE Hall


~ Venus Class Assembly – 9am – Parents Invited

~ Pavement Professors working with Mars Class


~ Orion and Asteroid Class Assemblies – 8.55am – Parents invited


~ Mars and Mercury Class trip to M-Shed


Team Points

1st – Banksy (138)           2nd – Rowling (112)

3rd – Dixie (100)             4th – Brunel (97)


Term 3 Results:

1st –     Rowling (609)      2nd – Brunel (599)

3rd –     Dixie (542)         4th – Banksy (523)


This means, that at the half-way point of the year, Brunel are in 1st place with 2281 team points – 191 points ahead of Rowling who are in 2nd place!


Music News

We have had another wonderful term of music-making; in our singing assemblies we have been learning to sing a song using sign language called ‘Friends Forever’ for a charity called Sign to Sing. Next term it will be all systems go to learn Easter songs for our church services at St Aidan’s. In KS1 singing assembly we will be singing songs related to Spring; we are planning to sing some gospel songs in KS2, as well as songs related to the natural world.

The school band have been learning pieces in preparation for their orchestral workshop trip in March. We also have a trip planned next term for the KS2 choir, who will hopefully be visiting St Joseph’s school for a singing festival based on the theme of the seaside.

Looking forward to another term filled with music and song!

Miss Sadler


World Book Day

Don’t forget that World Book Day takes place on Thursday 1st March and children can choose which book character they would like to be – they can be anyone who they think has one of our 4 Gem Powers:


E-Safety and Social Media Policy

You should receive copies of our E-Safety and Social Media Policy documents today asking you to give permission for your child/ren to use the computers and access the internet whilst at school.  The Parent/Carer Acceptable Use Agreement also re-iterates the school policy on allowing photos and videos to be taken in class assemblies or WOW events, on the agreement and understanding that these images will never be shared online – for example on Facebook or YouTube.

A copy of the school E-Safety and Social Media Policy is available to view or download from the website: or you can request a paper copy from the school office.

Please ensure that all forms are returned to the school office by Friday 23rd February 2018. Thank you.

If you have any questions or need more information or support about e-safety, you can find a lot of information on our website:


Maths Passports

Congratulations to the following children who have completed their Maths Passports this week:

Qureesh, Faye and Leila-Belle in Titan and Ubaid in Voyager Class.


Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations to all the children who made progress in their spellings this term – we know that it can sometimes be hard when only 1 child from each class can go forward to the Spelling Bee final, but we do know how hard many of them have worked during the term to boost their spelling skills and knowledge.  To recognise this, all children who have made progress during the term, even if they didn’t make it into the Spelling Bee finals will be given certificates to recognise their hard work and dedication.

Special congratulations to our Spelling Bee winners this term:

Year 1: Alice in Mercury

Year 2:Dexter in Discovery

Year 3: Sophie in Jupiter

Year 4:Freddie in Aquila

Year 5: Skye in Vega

Year 6: Rosie in Comet


Sports Relief

Wristbands in aid of Sports Relief will be on sale from the school office after the holiday. We have red and blue bands which are £1.00 each.


Car hit on Kenn Road

A Parent’s car was hit on Kenn Road on Wednesday evening. If anyone witnessed the accident, please can you let the school office know. Thank you.



We’ve received yet more complaints this week about parents’ parking. This time from Stibbs House – where parents parking irresponsibly on Stibbs Hill has caused damage to their minibus.  Can we also remind you that their car park is private – for the use of staff and visitors only.

Parents have also complained about other parents parking on the zig zags this week – reporting that they received verbal abuse when they approached them about it.  This is unacceptable behaviour – especially in front of children.

Once again, can we ask that you park responsibly when dropping your children at school or picking them up and treat other parents and our neighbours with respect.

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