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Newsletter 21 2019-20

First Week of Term 4

Monday 24th February

School Starts


FAB Cake Sale and Spring Craft Event – 3:15pm.


Times Table Rock Stars

We are really proud of our Air Balloon Times Table Rock Stars! They have been using the app to improve their mathematical fluency and recall of their times tables.

Our number one Times Table Rock Star Hero is currently Jahmareon in Year 5. His superfast speed of answering questions in 0.69 seconds is incredible. Jahmareon says ‘I was really committed to improving my times tables speed. I really wanted to be the fastest in the school.’ His teacher, Miss Clayphan, is really impressed with his focus and attitude to maths. ‘He’s really put his mind to it, well done Jahmareon.’

Well done to him and to all of the pupils who made our top ten. I wonder who will be top of the charts next term?

Air Balloon TT Rock Stars Top 10




















































Lunch Menu

Due to a printing error on the lunch menu, the first week back in Term 4 was missed from the dates. When we return, the first week’s menu will therefore be week 3 instead of week 1.


After-School Clubs

 All clubs are running as normal during the first week back after the holiday – including Messy Church.


Scarlet Fever

We have had a few cases of Scarlet Fever reported to us this week. On Page 7, you will find a letter with more information about the virus and what you should do if you suspect your child may have it.


FAB News

 Forms for Mother’s Day gifts will be going out via ParentMail today. If your child would like to purchase a gift to bring home for their Mum, Nan, or a special someone, please complete the form by Friday 28 February.  All money will need to be put in an envelope marked “Mother’s Day” with your child’s name and class.  Payment must also be received by Friday 28 February.  Any sign ups without money will not be honoured.  Gifts will be sent home in your child’s book bag on Friday 20 March.

Craft & Cake Sale after school on 28 February.  The cake sale will start at 3.30pm with craft starting at 3.45pm.  Please use the Parentmail form to sign up for our craft event.  The cost is £1.50 per person.  All children must be accompanied by a full-paying adult.  Refreshments will be available for a small donation.  Extra crafts can also be purchased if required.  Please place payment in an envelope marked “Craft” with your child’s name and class on the front.

CAKE SALE – Please can we have donations of homemade cakes.  We need lots, the more cakes, the more money we can make for our children! Cakes should be left on the table in reception on the morning of Friday 28 February.  Thank you.


World Book Day

As part of our continued drive to improve and promote reading across the school, we have introduced a reading spine across the school. This is a list of high quality books that the children will read in each year group. The reading spine is designed to introduce children to a range of texts and authors that go beyond the sorts of books they might independently choose to read.

To complement our reading spine, we thought it would be a nice idea to use these books as the basis for World Book Day. We asked the children to come dressed as a character from one of the books that they have enjoyed reading in class this year.

I understand that some parents feel that this is too restrictive. We have reflected on this and, as we don’t want to detract from the children’s enjoyment of World Book Day, we are happy for children to come dressed as any of their favourite book characters if they would prefer.

I would like to stress that it was not our intention to cause any upset and we were only trying to link World Book Day to help promote the books our children are reading in school. I do however, apologise if anyone felt that our plans were not in keeping with the spirit of World Book Day and I hope that this amendment enables everyone to enjoy the day on 5th March.

Please see page 6 of the newsletter for details of our special World Book Day lunch menu.


Spelling Bee

Congratulations to all of the children who took part in the Spelling Bees this term – whether that was in the class heats or the finals.  Our winners for this term are:

Year 1 – Leon in Mercury                                    Year 4 – Kacper in Orion

Year 2 – Redley in Apollo                                    Year 5 – Emily in Vega

Year 3 – William in Saturn                                  Year 6 – Mason in Asteroid


Lost Property

A silver JD Bug Scooter with red wheels is missing from the front bicycle shed.  If found please return to the school office.


Year 1

We have noticed that some of our Year 1 children are being left unattended first thing in the morning before the teachers have come out to welcome them into class. Please can parents and carers make sure that they stay with the children until 8:40am when the teachers will open the classrooms. Thank you.


Guitar Lessons

If anyone is interested in starting Guitar lessons, please ask at the office for further information.


Brilliant writing

We’ve seen 2 examples of fabulous writing this week.  Year 5 ran a writing competition to find the best invent warning tale – the winner was Amber from Polaris – You can read her story on page 5.  Our second piece of writing was from Felix in Sirius who is the curriculum ambassador – he has written a brilliant poem at home about Vikings which you can read on page 4.  Well done to both of them.


Job Vacancies

We currently have vacancies for Learning Support Assistants – please refer to our adverts on the E-Teach website.


Sports Relief

During week commencing 9th March, Air Balloon will be raising money for Sports Relief! In order to raise as much money as possible we will be:

Selling official Sports Relief wristbands

Running several after-school sports competitions

Having a ‘sporty’ non-school uniform day on Thursday 12th March


After school sports competitions

The well-being team will be organising after school sporting competitions for those children that wish to compete.

After-school on Monday 9th March 2020

Year 1 and 2 will form mixed teams and will compete against each other in different ‘sports day themed’ activities.

After-school on Tuesday 10th March 2020

Year 3 and 4 will form mixed teams and will compete against each other in dodgeball.

 After-school on Thursday 12th March 2020

Year 5 and 6 will form mixed teams and will compete against each other in benchball.

To participate, please complete the form on ParentMail and pay the entry fee by Friday 28th February 2020. All fees should be in an envelope marked “SPORTS RELIEF” with your child’s name and class. There is a limit of 40 children per event so please return the form as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Forms will be available on ParentMail from today. Entry fees are £2.50 per child to participate and all money raised will go directly to Sports Relief!

Sport themed non-school uniform day

On Thursday 12th March, children are invited to wear sporty clothes to school for a minimum donation of £1.


Scarlet Fever

I write to inform you that some of our pupils have been diagnosed with Scarlet Fever.  We have contacted Public Health England who have given us the following information to share:

Scarlet Fever is an infection caused by bacteria and usually occurs after a throat or skin infection with streptococcus.

Scarlet Fever is also known as scarletina, although this term is sometimes used to refer to a mild form of the disease.  It affects children, mostly between four and eight years old but people of any age may catch it, although it’s very rare in children under two.  Scarlet fever can be contracted through bacteria in airborne droplets from coughs and sneezes.

Although scarlet fever is usually a mild illness, it should be treated with antibiotics to minimise the risk of complications and reduce the spread to others.

The symptoms of scarlet fever include a sore throat, headache, fever, nausea and vomiting. This is followed by a fine red rash which typically first appears on the chest and stomach, rapidly spreading to other parts of the body. On more darkly-pigmented skin, the scarlet rash may be harder to spot, but it should feel like ‘sandpaper’. The face can be flushed red but pale around the mouth.

If you think you, or your child, have scarlet fever:

  • See your GP or contact NHS 111 as soon as possible
  • Make sure that you/your child takes the full course of any antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

Stay at home, away from nursery, school or work for at least 24 hours after starting the antibiotic treatment, to avoid spreading the infection.


Children who have chickenpox or influenza at the same time as scarlet fever are more likely to develop more serious infection so parents should remain vigilant for symptoms such as a persistent high fever, cellulitis (skin infection) and arthritis (joint pain and swelling). If you are concerned for any reason please seek medical assistance immediately.

If your child has an underlying condition which affects their immune system, you should contact your GP or hospital doctor to discuss whether any additional measures are needed.

You can find more information in the attached Frequently Asked Questions and further advice can also be obtained from the Health Protection Team on 0300 303 8162 during office hours.

If you have any questions please either contact your GP or ring the Health Protection Team on: 0300 303 8162.

Further information may be obtained from the NHS Choices website:


Felix’s Poem

From Scandinavia the Vikings came,

They were as ruthless as their name.

They held their swords and axes high,

And shields too with a glint in their eye.

The Reeve then came to ask for money,

But didn’t even get a jar full of honey.

As he thudded to the ground,

You could not hear the faintest sound.

The Reeve was dead, the Reeve was dead,

The Reeve was dead from toe to head.

The Vikings then lit the village on fire,

Nothing of the real, Saxon desire.

The rest of the Saxons then fled to the hills,

Never minding about taxes and bills.

Now my poem will draw to a close,

Goodbye then, now you may doze.


Pangs of Regret by Amber – Polaris Class

“What did you touch?” I coughed, hiding my despair. “Nothing!” snapped Dotes, yet I knew that her short-temperedness came only from undisguisable terror. I flinched away from her sharp tone. Swiftly passing her a signalling glance, I ran. Dotes cried out with useless pain. Scared, I continued my pursuit of the exit. Perhaps it was selfish of me, almost escaping when my friend was obviously injured. Then, I came to my senses. Sprinting back to help her, my possible fears deepened. I winced. This collapse could have killed her!  Sadly, her ankle was twisted into a horrifyingly recognisable shape. Broken. Loud as thunder, Dotes screamed again. My heart skipped a beat. In the mist, Dotes’ desperate plea echoed in my ears…until it seemed to have deafened me.

Before all of this happened, it was one boiling, beautiful day. My sister, who was called Frizzd, gave me a warning, “Now Lalay, stay away from that pyramid, they say it’s haunted.” She cautioned. (My name’s pronounced Lalie.  I don’t know why. Spelling’s weird!) I signed “Okay” I agreed, waving goodbye. I picked up my phone and dialled Dotes’s number. “Hey!” I greeted, “Meet you at the ‘haunted’ pyramid!”

Stubbornly, I made my way to the pyramid, which was apparently ‘haunted’.

“Hello Lalay!” a voice sounded behind me. I smiled.

“Hi Dotes” I purred, whirling around to see my best friend beaming at me. Suddenly, an eerie, uninviting hum vibrated from the mouth of the tunnel. I gestured with my head inside the pyramid. The flame of excitement in Dotes’ eyes told me that she agreed. Quiet as a mouse, swift as a swallow, we tiptoed into the dim, golden light, which was coming from a small hole in the huge, triangular roof.

We shouldn’t have done it!

Deaf to the crashing bricks, blind to the destruction. I scanned my mind to see if panic was my only emotion. No. I also found a deep surge of regret, purely piercing through my veins, threatening to overwhelm me. A single thought crossed my mind. This place is haunted! I gasped with realisation.

After getting Dotes to lean on me, I thought ‘we’ve got to get out of here!’ After making slow progress, we escaped.

After spilling what had happened to Frizzd, another spasm of longing powered through me. “I told you it was haunted!” she hissed.

“I’m sorry!” I begged, but I knew it wasn’t enough. Sorry would never be enough.


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