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Parents and Community

Parent Partnerships

We firmly believe that education is a partnership between school and the home, and therefore parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate in school life in a multitude of different ways. If you have time to spare, you can play a significant role in not only your child’s education, but that of others too.

Your support and help is highly valued by staff, children and governors. All members of staff are readily available to discuss any problems, concerns or ideas that you may have, as we believe that an open approach with good communication between all parties is the only way to success.

Keeping in Touch

We send out a weekly newsletter every Friday. This is a means of keeping parents and carers abreast of developments within school and a regular medium for passing on information. The newsletter will be sent by e-mail, where possible, and is also entered onto our web site every Friday. On this website you can also find term dates, online diary, events, the weekly menu and newsletter. There are also useful links to approved sites for the children to explore for homework and fun.

Teachers are available​ for five minutes every morning in the playground or classroom (Ys R and 1)  for the passing on of messages, asking simple questions etc, and they may wish to talk to you at the end of school. It is vital that if you have any worries about your child in school, that you approach the class teacher, deputy or headteacher immediately, so that the matter can be dealt with swiftly.

Reading at Home

Children are encouraged to bring books home. Sometimes these books are simply to look at and read together and at other times for your children to read on their own. Please encourage them as much as possible when they bring their reading scheme books home. Twice yearly, books are available for you to buy from a School Book fair. Any profit on this is used to buy more books for the school. Book bags which protect the books can be bought from the office – cost £5.50.

Helping in School

We encourage parents and carers to help in school if they have the time available. Any time you can give is worthwhile – from a fixed period of time every week to hear children read to escorting on a school trip once a year. If you have time to help then please contact the school.

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