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Uniform and Dress Code

School Uniform

The school uniform at Air Balloon Hill Primary School is:

General Uniform

Black or grey trousers, skirt, shorts or skort.

White polo-shirt

Jumper or cardigan with the school logo on it.

Ideally black or grey socks

Predominantly black shoes or trainers

In the summer, children are permitted to wear green and white checked summer dresses

In the winter, black boots are permitted.

BAALPE Guidance from 2016 Safe Practice in Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity- Clothing for PE:

  1. Children should wear clothing that is fit for purpose according to the activity, environment and weather conditions
  2. Loose clothing in gymnastics may catch on equipment and cause injury. Any item, including any of cultural significance, need to be relatively close fitting or removed for reasons of safety to the individual. The fabric of clothing for gymnastics needs to be such that it will not cause slipping from equipment, particularly when individuals are working at height or in an inverted position.
  3. Students should wear sufficient and appropriate clothing according to the weather conditions in order to minimise the likelihood of injury in cold conditions or illness in very hot conditions.
  4. Loose clothing for swimming is not advised, other than during skills tests in controlled conditions, due to the drag created, which may adversely affect the confidence of weaker swimmers.
  5. Teachers must ensure that children are wearing the correct clothing or apply strategies to make their inclusion safe, or limit the extent of their participation.


Plain white T-Shirt or Green T-Shirt with the school logo

Black Shorts

Daps or Trainers

Swimming kit for KS2 – close fitting swim shorts that come above the knee  / one piece swimming costume.

Optional extras:

Black Jogging bottoms for outdoor PE only, in cold weather.

BAALPE Guidance – Jewellery

  1. Personal effects such as jewellery, religious artefacts, watches, hair slides, sensory aids and so forth, should ideally, always be removed to establish a safe working environment.
  2. Staff have a duty of care to ensure that children are able to actively participate without unnecessarily endangering themselves or those working around them. Systems and procedures need to be in place within the changing area to check children fulfil this obligation prior to participation.
  3. Recent developments in the manufacture of medical-aid wristbands have resulted in products with an acceptably low risk factor (soft materials, Velcro fastenings). Such items should be acceptable for physical participation in most activities, largely avoiding the need for removal, providing there are no hard or sharp edges that may cause injury.
  4. Religious bracelets can be covered with a sweat band.
  5. Ideally children should not wear jewellery to school on PE days but all must be removed for PE, swimming and some technologies. If removal of earrings is not possible due to recent piercing, the child must come to school with earrings pre-taped. Tape can be given in school but the teacher is not required to apply or remove the tape. The tape must be sufficiently padded so the post of the earring cannot penetrate.

Jewellery in School

At Air Balloon Hill– children may not wear jewellery to school, with the exception of a watch or jewellery which is of a religious significance. If ears are pierced children may wear studs or very small hoops, maximum 8mm. These should not be worn to school on PE or swimming days. If they are worn the child must remove them for PE, swimming and certain technologies. Staff will not do this for them. Earrings can be taped – see above.

The school will not take any responsibility for any jewellery that is lost at school, nor for any accidents that occur due to jewellery being worn


No make-up should be worn in school. False nail extensions are not permitted.


The school recommends that hair should be neat and tidy. Long hair should be tied back especially during PE activities for safety.


Recognising that the school is a diverse community and some religions and beliefs require children to follow a particular dress code, the school will make any necessary amendments to this policy to allow this to happen. Reasonable requests to vary the School Uniform Policy to meet the needs of individual pupils to accommodate their religion or belief, ethnicity, disability or other special considerations should be discussed with the Headteacher.

Purchasing School Uniform

School jumpers, cardigans, Polo-Shirts,  T-Shirts and school-logo book bags can be ordered from AWS-workwear.  Please visit their website and select Schoolwear and Air Balloon Hill Primary School from the menu (or click the button at the bottom of the page).  All other items of the school uniform are readily available at supermarkets and other high street stores. The uniform is simple to avoid unnecessary expense for parents.

If you would like to purchase second-hand uniform items, please ask at the school office or look out for details of our ‘pre-loved’ sales in the newsletter.

All items of school uniform should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

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