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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Mrs Bush, Miss Curtis, Miss Jarvis, Mrs Monk and Miss Hirst are our Year 1 teachers.

This term, our Inquiry Project is Time Capsule

The children have been asked to create a time-capsule all about Air Balloon school, the local area and themselves. This time capsule will be buried in the school and opened up in 5 years’ time to see how the local area (and the children) have changed over time.

The children will learn about the history of the local area and how it has changed since the Victorian period. They will discover that we learn about the past by examining different sources of information which can include things that existed at the time as well as photographic evidence and information from historians. Children will use these sources of information to make suggestions about what life was like in the past. They will also create a personal history of their lives. The children will develop their geographical knowledge of Bristol and the UK and develop their map reading skills to create a simple map which can be used to navigate the local area. The children will discover how information can be presented graphically through ICT and will use technology to document what their own life is like. They will develop their artistic skills through the study of portraiture and learn how art can be used to convey more than just appearance. In DT, the children will explore form and functionality by designing and making a working frame for their own artwork.

Year 1 Victorian Day

Spelling Bee

Y1 Spelling Bee T6

Victorian Day

On Friday 25th June, we held a Victorian School Day. Children (and teachers) came into school dressed in character and enjoyed various Victorian activities – including cricket, writing with chalk and singing Victorian songs.  Below are some photos of the day.

Home Learning

If your child needs to isolate due to Covid-19, we will send home learning via ParentMail. If you have any questions about the work or you haven’t received it, please contact us by email: 


Bug Club

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