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Headteacher: Mr T Browse BA (Hons)


Air Balloon Library Online

Follow this link to browse our school library and see what’s new.

You can log in with your library user number and your birth date (no slashes! ddmmyyyy format) to review your library books, and reserve what you’d like to read next. Ask your librarian if you don’t know your library user number yet!!!

Library Contacts

Remember that the library is open for all everyday after school! Come to read, share your thoughts with your friends, or have a chat with the librarian about your current or favorite reading; we are looking forward to meeting you!

We welcome any book suggestions that you, parents or children, might have for us. Please send any suggestions to

We also welcome book donations, so long as they are relevant to the school and in good condition. Get in touch if you would like to bring us some new stock.

Ms Nicola McDonald


8.30-16.30 all week days

Special Events
  • Data Collection Sheets
    On Monday, children will bring home envelopes containing Data Collection Sheets - these sheets contain the key information we hold about you and your child - please take some time to check that the details are correct, making any amendments necessary and returning the forms to the school office by Friday 2nd February.

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