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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Mrs Hennessy, Mrs Cassell, Mrs Laird, Miss Skuse and Mr May are our Year 5 teachers.

This term, our Inquiry Project is Space Rover!

NASA have learned a lot about Mars in recent years, largely thanks to the Curiosity Rover; a space exploration vehicle which takes photographs and gathers information from the surface of Mars. Their attention is now turning to the other planets in our solar-system, which they feel should be explored using a similar (though not identical) approach. They have asked the children, as an engineering firm, to design a space rover capable of exploring one of the other planets in our solar system whilst ensuring space pollution is kept to a minimum.

During the inquiry, the children will develop their scientific understanding of planets, objects and forces within our solar system; their DT knowledge of computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing systems; their mixed media art skills when creating sculptural representations of real objects

Home Learning

If your child needs to isolate due to Covid-19, we will send home learning via ParentMail. If you have any questions about the work or you haven’t received it, please contact us by email: 


Our Term 4 Inquiry Project: It’s a Boy!

It is a joyous time in the Mayan city-state of Palenque. A baby boy, Kʼinich Kan Bahlam II, heir to the throne of Pakal, has just been born. For our Inquiry Project this term, we have been learning about the societal structures of Ancient Mayan civilization, and the many factors that allowed them to span such a long period of History. In music and art, we prepared ceremonial objects, rituals and performances to celebrate the arrival of a new royal baby. 

On 31st March, we celebrated our Mayan project with a ceremony featuring dancing, music, prophecies and a ball game.

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