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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Mr Barker, Mr May, Ms Brown and Miss Stevens are our Year 5 teachers.

The Year 5 hall displays this term are showcasing the work and talent of Dorothy Vaughn, the first African-American woman to supervise at NASA.  Born in 1910, Dorothy had a 28-year career at NASA during which time she prepared for the introduction of computers and taught herself computer programming.  During her career, America was still a segregated society and Dorothy once commented that “I changed what I could, and what I couldn’t, I endured”.  In 2019, a crater on the far side of the Moon was named in her honour.

Space Rovers

Our Inquiry Project this term has been looking at Space and Space Rovers.  NASA have asked our Year 5 children to design a space rover capable of exploring one of the outer planets of the Solar System whilst ensuring that space pollution is kept to a minimum.   On the last day of term, groups from each of our Year 5 classes presented their Space Rover designs and ideas to Mrs Hennessy who was representing NASA.  She had the difficult task of deciding the winning design – Congratulations to the Vega Team (Stan, Jaylen, Lexie, Heston, Ava, Zac) who were deserving winners.

Below are some photos of the presentations and the presentations from the four finalists.  Click on the presentation images to watch them.








Spelling Bee:

This term’s Spelling Bee words are: SPELLING LIST NEW – T4 Year 5

Bug Club

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