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Health and Welfare


The DfE has issued guidelines which form the basis of the Bristol City Council policy for schools regarding administering medication to children while at school.  ONLY PRESCRIBED MEDICATION can be administered at school, by staff who have attended medication training.  Therefore, if you require your child to be given over the counter medication while at school (eg, Calpol), you must attend school to administer it yourself.  Over the counter medications can often be prescribed, so please contact your local health centre for advice.

All inhalers etc are kept safely in the classroom and are administered by the children under supervision. The school has adopted the Bristol policy concerning children with asthma – a copy of which is available should you need one.

Staff are trained in the treatment of epileptic seizures and anaphylactic shock and there are school policies on the subject.

We have a dedicated Welfare Room which is looked after by Mrs Leonard and Mrs Nash. Children can be cared for throughout the school day. Mrs Leonard and Mrs Nash will always assess sick or injured children and then decide on the best course of action in each individual case.

Medical Information

If a pupil has a serious or recurring medical problem, it is essential for parents to advise the school. We follow the guidance from Health Protection Team in the case of infectious or communicable disease – Health protection in schools

Dental Inspections

These mass checks occur fairly infrequently and parents are advised to make private arrangements,

School Nurse and Doctor

The school has access to a nurse and they can be contacted via the school office.

Illness in School

Should your child be taken ill in school it is obviously essential for the parents to be contacted, particularly during an emergency. The provision of a daytime telephone number where parents may be contacted should be provided on admission to the school and updated as necessary. Mobile numbers must be kept up to date.


A copy of the school’s policy on administering medication and supporting pupils with medical conditions can be found here

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