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In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulations and updated Data Protection Act came into effect.  GDPR makes it easier for people to see how their personal data is collected, stored and processed. We are working with our Data Protection Officer (Integra) to comply with the GDPR.

You can find copies of our GDPR Policies here: GDPR Policies.

For details on how to request information on the personal data we hold and process about you or your child, please refer specifically to the Subject Access Request Policy.

We collect and process personal data relating to our pupils and their families and we also receive information about pupils from their previous schools, the Local Authority, Department of Education and other bodies linked to pupil development and welfare.  We also share personal information with other agencies as necessary under our legal duties.  In some cases, personal data may be outsourced to a third party processor. For a list of our third party processors, please click here: 3rd Party Processors – February 2022

Why we collect and process personal data

We collect and process data for the legal reasons set out in the Education Act 1996 and Education Regulations 2013. Including:

  • To support our pupils’ learning
  • To monitor and report on pupil progress
  • To provide appropriate pastoral care
  • To assess the quality of our provision and education
  • To comply with the law regarding data sharing
  • To safeguard our pupils

For details on how we retain, process and share your data, please refer to the relevant Privacy Notice below:

Pupils: Privacy Notice – Pupils – April 2022

Staff: Privacy Notice – School Workforce – April 2022

Governors: Privacy Notice – School Governors – April 2022

Parents/Carers: Privacy Notice – general, including parents and carers – April 2022

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