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Headteacher: Mr T Browse BA (Hons)

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Report January 2015 – We are a Good School

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Quotes from the 2015 Full OFSTED Report

The strong leadership of the headteacher, supported effectively by senior leaders and governors, has successfully improved the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement since the last inspection. There are clear plans in place to ensure this improvement continues.

Pupils study a range of subjects and most lessons are well planned to engage pupils’ interest. Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a strong feature of the school. Assemblies, lessons and school visits all contribute to pupils’ experiences well. Pupils have opportunities to take part in activities within the community, as well as to engage with national events such as Black History Month. These experiences help pupils to appreciate the diverse cultures around them and prepare them well for life in modern Britain.

Parents are very positive about the school. They describe the staff as approachable and say that no matter what the problem is, staff are always willing to listen to any concerns, however small.

The school is strongly committed to the ideal that all pupils should achieve well. The pupil premium is used effectively to improve disadvantaged pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills, as well as to provide opportunities that broaden their educational experiences. Additional staffing, including the new family support worker is providing more personalised support for pupils. This approach is improving pupils’ well-being as well as their academic achievements.

Equality of opportunity is promoted well for all pupils at the school. The school welcomes opportunities to work with a wide range of people and is not afraid to tackle any discrimination.

Governance is effective. Governors know the school well, as they are kept well informed. They have a clear understanding of the strengths and areas for further development. This ensures they can both challenge and support school leaders. They question leaders on the performance of different groups of pupils in relation to all pupils nationally and what will help raise the achievement of all pupils at the school. Governors make regular visits to classrooms and take the opportunity to talk to pupils about their learning.

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  • Data Collection Sheets
    On Monday, children will bring home envelopes containing Data Collection Sheets - these sheets contain the key information we hold about you and your child - please take some time to check that the details are correct, making any amendments necessary and returning the forms to the school office by Friday 2nd February.

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