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Behaviour in school is very good and has been consistently praised by OfSTED. This has come about by consistently expecting high standards, every child knowing what is expected and what the consequences are if the expectations are not met, and hard work.

The children are encouraged to respect themselves and each other, a message that is reinforced constantly in school.

When things go wrong, the children know that the school will work hard to resolve the issue and be determined, consistent and fair whilst doing so. Through this approach, we are able to have an open dialogue with children and they feel very comfortable about discussing their problems and worries, knowing that they will be listened to and any appropriate action will be taken.

Our Behaviour policy has been developed by guidance, provided by the local authority, on schools’ legal obligations and has been informed by the Department for Education’s documents

  • Behaviour and discipline in schools (DfE: January 2016)
  • Use of reasonable force: Advice for headteachers, staff and governing bodies’ (DfE: July 2013)
  • Searching, screening and confiscation; Advice for headteachers, school staff and governing bodies (DfE: Feb 2014)

Our policy seeks to clearly identify school practice in relation to promoting positive behaviour and improving behaviour – where it falls below school expectations. The policy also outlines the school’s use of sanctions in line with statutory guidelines including the Equity Act (2010) in respect of safeguarding and pupils with special educational needs.

Our Behaviour Policy reflects the school’s vision: we look to the stars, and our guiding principles that:

  • Everyone can learn
  • Everyone can achieve
  • Everyone belongs

In terms of behaviour, these principles are upheld by three expectations that are demonstrated by every member of the school community:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Kind
  • Be Respectful

The school promotes and acknowledges those who demonstrate these expectations through praise in public. This can include*:

  • Positive verbal recognition
  • Class based stickers
  • House points
  • Celebration certificates
  • SLT stickers and recognition
  • Acknowledgement of positive behaviour to parents/carers

*We believe that class teachers should have discretion in how they choose to promote and acknowledge positive behaviour in class so it is always age appropriate and pertinent to the specific class.

It is expected that everyone should recognise and acknowledge pupils who are being safe, kind and respectful around school. We believe that whole school behaviour improves through the regular, and public, recognition of positive behaviours.

We recognise that for some pupils, staying safe, kind and respectful, is a challenge. We also acknowledge that anyone’s behaviour can fall below expectations on a given day. We believe that low-level incidents of poor behaviour can be dealt with swiftly through effective behaviour management strategies so that they do not escalate and pupils’ learning remains on-track.

A copy of the Behaviour policy can be found here.

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