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Break Time Snacks

In KS1 children receive a piece of fruit or vegetable every day. Free milk is available for under 5s and parents can continue to buy this through the dairy.

In KS2 children may bring fruit for break time, and there is a Tuck Shop that sells healthy snacks and drinks. See the menu below…

Snacks and prices include:

Ham or cheese pittas or rolls – 50p

Tea cakes/Hot X Bun – 40p

Breakfast muffin – 30p

Fruit bar – 30p

Yoghurt tube – 20p

Fresh fruit (various) – 30p

Smoothies – 60p

Fruit juice – 40p

Milk – 20p

Raisins – 20p

Children are not allowed to bring sweets, crisps or chocolate  bars.

Please remember that any money for tuck must be in a purse or wallet labelled with your child’s name.

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