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Child Mental Health Activites and Support

Please remember to check out our webpage dedicated to Mental Health and Wellbeing on the school website. It is packed full of resources of links to support children.

Summer Self-Care Activity book for Children – There are lots of different ways you can try self-care: dancing, spending time with friends, playing sports, laughing, drawing, spending time with pets – anything that makes you feel good! This booklet lists some activity suggestions – give them a try and see what works for you:

 For other ideas for self-care throughout the summer check out the link below:




 Unique Voice Home Activity Pack – unique voice recognise the importance of creativity and play in children’s lives. Whilst practising social distancing if necessary, they want to encourage families to pursue creative outlets. Inside this pack you will find 30 different activities that you can partake in with the young people in your household. They have chosen activities that require as little resources as possible to ensure there are plenty of things for you to do without having to leave your home. This pack is an interactive PDF, this means that you can click on page numbers on the contents to take you to that page. You can also click on links within the document to take you to additional online resources that you can print if you are lucky enough to have access to a printer.

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