Children’s Information

School Council and Green Team

Each class is represented by either one or two councillors. Elections are held each year. Every child is eligible to stand. Every child can vote. We meet each term to discuss topical school issues.

School Council

Class Name
Earth Naomi
Mars Arjan
Mercury Ellis
Venus Nathan
Endeavour Zach
Discovery Leilah-Belle
Apollo Emily
Voyager Rowan
Neptune Rhys
Saturn Oliver
Jupiter Lucas
Titan Erin
Orion Kaitlyn
Phoenix Bilal
Pegasus Ethan
Aquila Rhys
Polaris Pavlos
Capella Willow
Sirius Lily
Vega Rebecca
Asteroid Bethany
Comet Maisie
Meteor Poppy


2016-17 School Council – Term 2

2016-17 School Council – Term 3

2016-17 School Council – Term 4

Green Team

Class Name
Comet Josh
Asteroid Aliya
Meteor Maxon
Capella Esme
Vega Grace
Sirius Zoe
Polaris Victoria
Orion Abdullah
Phoenix Minnie
Pegasus Lana
Aquila Ama
Neptune Florence
Saturn Poppy
Jupiter Max
Titan Lily-Mai
Discovery Cleo
Endeavour Amber
Voyager Mason
Apollo Winter

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