We look to the stars not our feet

Telephone: 0117 903 0077


Headteacher: Mr T Browse BA (Hons)


Classes and Teachers 2018-19

Sun R

Miss Preston


Moon R

Mr Barker


Star R

Miss Foster


Sky R

Mrs Monk and Mrs Watton


Venus 1

Mrs Bush


Earth 1

Miss Curtis


Mars 1

Miss Hanley


Mercury 1

Mrs Butcher


Apollo 2

Mrs Jama


Discovery 2

Miss Campbell


Endeavour 2

Miss Giles


Voyager 2

Mr May


Jupiter 3

Mrs Kruiniger


Neptune 3

Mrs Molton and

Mrs Jackson

Saturn 3

Mrs Wilde


Titan 3

Mr Burns


Orion 4

Miss Jones


Pegasus 4

Miss Andrews


Phoenix 4

Mr Morton


Aquila 4

Ms Rooney and Mr Diete


Capella 5

Miss Jackson


Polaris 5

Mrs Cassell and Mrs Laird


Sirius 5

Mrs Hennessy


Vega 5

Miss Jarvis


Aurora 6

Miss Clayphan


Asteroid 6

Miss Skuse


Comet 6

Miss Huish


Meteor 6

Miss Clark


Additional Teachers

Inclusion Manager: Mrs Knight
Reading Recovery Teacher: Ms E Rooney
Numbers Count Teacher: Mrs T Jackson
PPA Cover : Mrs J Blacker / Mrs Watton / Mrs Laird / Mrs Marshall / Mrs Rendell / Mrs Latcham

Special Events
  • Data Collection Sheets
    On Monday, children will bring home envelopes containing Data Collection Sheets - these sheets contain the key information we hold about you and your child - please take some time to check that the details are correct, making any amendments necessary and returning the forms to the school office by Friday 2nd February.

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