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At Air Balloon Hill Primary School we follow the PenPals handwriting scheme. Our younger children are introduced to four main characters which help them to memorise the sequence for writing each letter correctly.

The key thing to remember is that all letters start from the top
(apart from d and e). Our aim is that pupils will be supported to develop a handwriting style which is clear, joined and fluid. Inevitably some will be neater than others, but each child can acquire a consistent and fluent style.

Although there are many opportunities to practice handwriting across the curriculum, we will also provide regular lessons for teaching and revising these skills. The frequency and length of these lessons will vary according to the age and competence of the children.

Opportunities for linking handwriting with early phonics and spelling work are fully exploited through the PENPALS scheme.  It is important that children hold their pencil correctly and ensure their posture is correct.

Pencil hold

  • Pencil held between finger and thumb
  • Middle finger provides extra support


  • Feet flat on the floor
  • Head up, not resting on the desk or hand
  • Paper at the correct angle
  • Spare hand steadies the paper

Here is some more information on the PenPals Handwriting scheme:

Handwriting Information for Parents

Letter Formation Posters

Letter Families

Here are some useful websites you could use at home:

Special Events
  • Data Collection Sheets
    On Monday, children will bring home envelopes containing Data Collection Sheets - these sheets contain the key information we hold about you and your child - please take some time to check that the details are correct, making any amendments necessary and returning the forms to the school office by Friday 2nd February.

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