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Children are asked to continue at home an interest developed in school. They will be encouraged to use the Public Library, read widely at home, search for information, and visit places of interest. ICT and the internet also offer many opportunities. Children will also be asked to consolidate work started in school, e.g. learn tables and practise spellings. All children are encouraged to take books home to read. If your child wants to do schoolwork at home by all means let him/her. Occasionally he/she can finish a story, plan a folder, or do some maths at home and he/she will undoubtedly be encouraged to do so.



Fluency in number is key to being successful in maths.

Please practise the following times tables with your children so they can pass their Maths Passports.  They need to be able to say them forwards, mixed up and do the inverse e.g. how many 7s in 28.


  • Weekly list of words to learn. These are generally generated in class following a given rule or pattern.
  • Approximately every two weeks children have a spelling investigation or sentence writing activity to complete linked to spelling list


  • Children are encouraged to share books with an adult as frequently as possible – daily is best!
  • Occasionally extra homework may be set, linked to science, topic work or a follow on from guided reading in class.
Special Events
  • Other Christmas reminders....
    Children are welcome to wear a Christmas jumper to school on Thursday 14th December for Christmas Lunch Day. Please note that this is not a non-uniform day - children will be expected to wear the rest of the school uniform.
    We still have some spaces left for Stories Around the Christmas Tree on 11th December - Please sign up at the school office

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