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Language of the Term

Every term the children learn a few basic words such as ‘hello’, ‘good afternoon’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in one of the languages that we have in school.

At Air Balloon Hill we pride ourselves on valuing languages – not only French, but also languages spoken at home. Currently we have 22 different languages in school and we think it is really important that we celebrate different cultures and languages.

Language of the Term is about celebrating languages, widening horizons and building respect for other cultures.

While French is our primary focus, part of being a language detective is about opening our eyes and ears and taking an interest in all sorts of languages. It all helps whether it is because it sparks an interest, makes a child feel proud when they tell a parent what they can say, makes a child feel proud of their own mother tongue, or helps them spot similarities and differences in words or sentence structures.

Language of the Term posters and phrases are displayed in all classrooms and the language is embedded in daily routines.

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