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Learning Gems

Dr Tom Robson visited us for two days and the work he did in classes and the staff meeting was really exciting and thought provoking. He talked to us about Metacognition which is all about thinking like a learner. We have had some inspirational people in school over the years, but in my opinion Dr Tom has been the most inspirational of all. He worked in classes in every year group and led a brilliant staff meeting. His basic approach is for children to take responsibility for their own learning, to be questioning and be resilient. They can’t sit back and expect someone else to do it for them. One girl asked him how long he’d been a scientist. He replied, “Since the age of three because I’ve always asked questions and tried to find out how things work. I’ve got more things wrong than right, but I always try again. I’ve done that since I was very small.” This answer astonished Jupiter Class!

Tom’s approach is based around six gem stones. These are:-

Ruby – being aware of others and how what you say do or say, might make them feel

Emerald – bouncing back from mistakes and disappointment, controlling your anger if it tries to get out!

Sapphire – keeping focused and staying in control of the monster distractions

Diamond – being able to notice a problem and thinking of ways to solve it.

All these gems give the learner power. To work well with a partner or in larger teams we need to use all four powers together.

Ruby – for helping us support others and being aware of what they do well

Emerald – for being able to cope with not getting your own way or being disappointed

Sapphire – for keeping focused on what is important

Diamnd – for being able to see the problem and work to solve it.

This can enable us to gain power from:-

Amethyst – co-operation…learning with a partner – applies all the gem powers to work with a partner

Topaz – collaboration… learning in a big group – applies all the gem powers to work with a team.

This approach is being adopted across the school and we are beginning to see real benefits.

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