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RE and Assemblies

Religious Education*

Religious Education is taught regularly as a separate subject in the classroom as well as during Collective Worship.

Children learn and research about the main world religions. We encourage them to develop an awareness of and respect for other people’s beliefs and religious practices. We allow the children to explore and reflect upon the spiritual ideas from these religions. This helps them express their own personal reflections and responses.

Religious Education is taught within the context of our own community. We aim to teach children the value of living together in a community and how they can each have an impact on it.

The school will respect the legal rights of parents to withdraw their children from religious aspects of Collective Worships but parents should inform the Headteacher if they wish to do so.

*The Education Act 1988 – Education and Collective Worship
The Act required that there must be provision for Religious Education for all pupils and that the syllabus must reflect the fact that religious traditions in the country are in the main Christian, whilst taking into account the teaching and practices of other principle religions.
‘There must be daily collective worship which must be wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character through not distinctive of any particular Christian denomination. Whilst it is not necessary for every act of worship to be of this character within each school term, the majority of acts must be so’. The Act also states that:

‘Parents have a right to withdraw their children from RE and collective worship of they wish. If you wish your child to be withdrawn at this time would you please see the Headteacher to make alternative arrangements.’

Diwali Celebation

Last week the school celebrated Diwali, the festival is celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus.  Diwali means the festival of light.  The festival celebrates good over evil and light over darkness.  The goddess of wealth is honoured during Diwali which is also considered to be the Hindu New Year.

The whole school watched an assembly in which the teachers and teaching assistants dressed up in traditional dress and did a traditional stick dance to music.  They then preformed the story of Rama and Sita, which was read out by Priya and acted by teachers.

We would like you to share with us the traditional Diwali dance and play so we have created video for you to enjoy. 

Special thanks to Jessie Kaur, Reception and Year 1 Teaching Staff.

Special Events
  • Other Christmas reminders....
    Children are welcome to wear a Christmas jumper to school on Thursday 14th December for Christmas Lunch Day. Please note that this is not a non-uniform day - children will be expected to wear the rest of the school uniform.
    We still have some spaces left for Stories Around the Christmas Tree on 11th December - Please sign up at the school office

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