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Staying Safe

Please check out our school website page for information about safeguarding and what to do if you are worried about a child



The NSPCC has a website full of amazing resources to help you keep your children safe:



Home Alone Guide – A guide to help parents decide when it is safe to leave their child home alone and how to choose a babysitter or a childminder.


Going out alone– A guide to help parents decide is a child is ready to be out on their own. It gives advice on preparing them for different situations such as walking to and from school by themselves, attending clubs and going out to play with friends.


Positive Parenting – This guide gives advice on setting boundaries for children, building relationships with them and keeping cool when their behaviour becomes challenging.


Share Aware – Information about keeping your child safe online.




Talking about drugs and alcohol


Talking about difficult topics


Talk about PANTS (the underwear rule)


Helping children deal with divorce and separation


This list is not exhaustive for further resources check out the NSPCC website

Don’t forget to check out our school Facebook page which is regularly updated, especially with regard to latest online safety advice:








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