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Year 3 – Saturn

Take a look at our work and displays. Our Working walls help us learn – the content builds as the term progresses. See how our skills develop over the course of the academic year.

Making ‘bronze’ spears
As a class we talked about the start of the Bronze Age and the discovery of metal. We then use paper to make small ‘bronze’ spears.


Choco rocks!
In Science we used chocolate to create Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks.

Weaving, painting and using a dictionary.

This week we started our woven trees. We started by drawing our background on our plate and painting our plate. We then looked at the weaving they would have had in the Stone Age. We then wove the tree trunk of the tree. Our next step is the weave the branches.
We have also spent some time looking at dictionaries and how we can use them.


Choosing some new class books

During our library visit this week we had the opportunity to choose a new fiction and non-fiction book for the book corner in our classroom.

We have been really enjoying this term’s Computing lessons. We have been learning to code. We have coded a bubble bursting and also created a code that told a helicopter to move up and down.

Hockey with Premier Sports

On Wednesday we had our first PE lesson with Premier Sports. We were looking at our ball control and even played a game where some of us were ‘big hairy monsters’.

Stone Age Day
We had a brilliant day Wednesday! We dressed up as Stone Age people, created cave drawings and also had a fashion show. We have also worked hard getting to know each other and created some class rules by drawing around each other and writing all of the good learning behaviours inside of the body and all of the learning behaviours we avoid outside of the body.


Displays and Children’s Work 2016-17

Special Events
  • Macmillan - Thank You

    Thank you to everyone who supported our Macmillan Coffee Morning and Cake Sale last Friday. We raised a fantastic £244.89 for this brilliant charity.

    We know that a lot of our families have been supported by Macmillan and so it is always nice to be able to give something back.

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