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Headteacher: Tim Browse

Year 5 – Capella

Take a look at our work and displays. Our Working walls help us learn – the content builds as the term progresses. See how our skills develop over the course of the academic year.

Year 5 have been investigating electrical circuits.

They have been asking questions such as, ‘I wonder what happens to the brightness of the bulb if I use a bigger cell?’ and ‘I wonder what happens to the bulb/buzzer if the wires are longer?

Year 5 Benchball tournament at the end of Term 1 – Sirius were victorious, with Capella a close second.


Year 5 WOW event from week 1 ‘Ancient Greek Olympics’. Vega class (Known as the Athenians for the morning!) won!

Displays and Children’s Work 2017-18

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