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Headteacher: Tim Browse

Year 6 – Aurora

Science – Adaption

We carried out an experiment relating to adaption. We had chopsticks and tweezers that represented different bird beaks. One bird with a long and thin beak and one with a short beak. Bird beaks have adapted to be best at eating particular types of food. We had one minute to pick up as many sunflower seeds as we could. We then counted up the seeds we collected and discussed what type of beak would be best for eating seeds.

This term in PE we have been playing tag rugby. The children have really enjoyed learning the different skills and techniques. They have been working in teams of six or seven. Tag rugby requires speed and accuracy which they have definitely used! As you can see they’re passing the ball to each other and trying not to be tagged! Overall this has been a fun and enjoyable sport to play!

Year 6 trip to the harbour side

We went to the harbourside and made rafts and then went to the Underfall yard.

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