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Headteacher: Tim Browse

Green Team

Full Name Class and Year
Guleed Comet  6
Elsie Prewitt Asteroid  6
Jacob Meteor 6
Naomi Aurora 6
Luca Vega 5
Tianna Brown Polaris 5
Reece Capella 5
Chloe Sirius 5
Erin Orion 4
Max Pegasus 4
Dante Phoenix 4
Anna Aquila 4
Laila Titan 3
Bobby Jupiter 3
Ngozi Neptune 3
Rosie Saturn 3
Zac Apollo 2
Rubin Endeavour 2
Laila Discovery 2
Ava Voyager 2
Elise Jones Earth 1
La’shaya Venus 1
Blake Polliger Mercury 1
Marley Mars 1

Green Team – Who are we?

Here we are from Year 1 to Year 6!

Switch Off fortnight

The school took part in Switch Off fortnight. We had to to try and switch off things when they are not in use to save energy. During that fortnight children had to read up about energy and then did a quiz where the answers were hidden in the library.

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